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Subhash at Dehra Dun

Subhash Chandra Bose visited Dehra Dun as Swami Shardanand in 1972, (though after being elected as the Congress President in March 1936 Subhash Chandra Bose came to Dehradun and held a rally in the Parade Ground).
By seeing the beauty of the valley, it's calm and quiteness, panasonic views all around, lush green fields of valley, adorned on both the ends of valley by holy rivers Ganga and Yamuna, appealed so much in his mind that untill his death, he did not leave the valley. Here he practised the meditation in isolation and quiteness. Only his disciples mainly ex-INA personals were in touch with him.
To-day on 26-02-2009, I have got the copy of a news report published in Indian express on July 01-2003, in which an ex-principal claimed that Swami Shardanand ji was Neta ji . He was openly admitted by Swamiji himself in 1976 at Dehra Dun that he was Subhash Chandra Bose. See the report; Ex-principal claims Netaji was alive till 1977
VIVEK DESHPANDE Posted: Jul 01, 2003 at 0000 hrs IST AMRAVATI, JUNE 30: Shall we ever know for sure if Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose really died in a plane crash in 1945, or if he went on to survive till 1977 in the disguise of a spiritual guru? Well, the Mukherjee Commission, the third one to probe the mysterious death, is well on course. But for retired principal S.S. Padhye, there’s not an iota of doubt that Netaji lived till 1977.
Padhye, in his seventies, claims he was in close touch with Netaji between 1964 and 1971 and even hid him for four months in the Melghat forest when Intelligence personnel were on his trail. The innumerable papers and pictures he has clearly rubbish the crash death theory, he claims.
The Mukherjee Commission led by secretary P.K. Sengupta was here for three days to hear Padhye and check the veracity of his claims. The Commission says it will take some time to comment on Padhye’s credibility. (NOT COMMENTED)
Sengupta said on Monday the panel would use the latest scientific knowledge to do a DNA analysis of Netaji’s ashes. ‘‘We have also taken blood samples from three Netaji descendants and would employ handwriting experts to establish the truth,’’ he said.
Padhye, however, is more than sure that the man he saw was Netaji. ‘‘I visited his Shaulmari Ashram in West Bengal, where he lived as Sharadanand Baba, regularly till 1971, and was in his charmed circle. A cut near his left eyebrow, a slight squint and straight nose, his 5-9’ frame and the handwriting in letters he wrote to me proved it was him,’’ Padhye, who retired as principal of the local VMV College, says.
Impressed by a 1962 article by Marathi litterateur P.K. Atre on the latter’s visit to Shaulmari Ashram, Padhye wrote to the Baba in 1964 expressing a desire to meet him.
‘‘In 1965, a Nagpur paper published a report that the ashram was a hotbed of spies. The ashram asking me to come over with 10 copies of the paper,’’ he says.
‘‘That was the turning point. I went there. Initially, I was a suspect, what with the ashram being under close intelligence scrutiny due to reports that Baba was actually Netaji. But slowly, I won Baba’s confidence,’’ he adds.
Showing pictures he took of the man, Padhye says: ‘‘No one else has such pictures as Baba wouldn’t allow himself to be photographed.’’
About the Intelligence chase, Padhye says Nehru was worried the country would rally behind Netaji if he were to surface. ‘‘Netaji had once commented that Jawaharlal had the greatest greatness and meanest meanness,’’ he says.
Why did Khosla Commission of 1971 not check his claims? ‘‘The commission wanted me to go to Calcutta. I said I can’t, and invited it to Amravati. I insisted I be questioned in-camera to which it didn’t respond,’’ he says. (Both the commissions set to probe neglected him).
‘‘In 1976, I went to see Netaji again, this time at Dehra Dun.
By this time, none of his INA friends was hiding his identity. So I asked him why he didn’t disclose it. He said ‘he was no more the
boyish ambitious Subhash.”

Other than this i have another instance of Sh. Ram Kumar Agrawal, who is a shopkeeper in Paltan Bazaar, Dehra Dun. Once Swami Shardanand ji visited to buy some clothes from Paltan Bazar, Dehra Dun. There he entered in the shop of Sh. Ram Kumar Agrawal. It was early morning time and Mr. Agrawal had just opened the shop and there was no other customer at taht time in the shop. Seeing a saint entering his shop in the morning time, Being a religious person he got delighted and asked for some tea etc. Seeing his entertainingly nature, Subhash ji got pleased and after having the meals,emotionally pleased. Mr. Ramani Ranjan Das accompanying Bose, asked the shopkeeper if he could recognize him. Oh no! replied Agrawal. He disclosed that the saint is Subhash Chandra Bose. Hearing this Agrawal got up from his seat and respectfully bowed his head and touched the feet of Subhash who was a sanyasi. Both of them were very pleased on his hospitality and Subhash ji blessed agrawal with the commitment not to disclose his identity to anybody else. After this they went away. Since than he (Agrawal) used to visit him and became a follower. SUBHASH WAS ALIVE.
Though the Government of India was continuously watching him and aware of his movements, his presence in India is always kept top-secret. First of all the news of Netaji in his new avtar as Swamiji was published in 'VEER ARJUN' from Delhi in 1960.
Major Satya Gupta of INA, had disclosed this in a press conference (in calcutta)of him as Netaji in Feb. 1962, after he went to meet him in Falakata,(cooch bihar) which borders Bangla desh and Nepal. This ashram was known as 'Shaulmari ashram.
As per Justice Mukerji's report:-- At the inception nobody took notice of the Ashram (hermitage) and for that matter of the sadhu, but when it extended its geographical area over 100 acres of land, its inhabitants rose to about 1,500 and armed guards were posted , outsiders were living in and around the place became inquisite about the real identity of sadhu as well as the goings-on at the Ashram. Within a few months thereafter, rumour spread in the district of cooch bihar that Netaji had been living in the Ashram in the guise of the sadhu.
The sadhu reportedly stayed in the Ashram for 6/7 years whereafter he visited several places in India and ultimately settled down in Dehra Dun in 1973. There he died in 1977.
This is the brief introduction of Swami Shardanand is given by Justice Mukarji in his report. Who was Swamiji, what was his past, where he had come from, how old was he, any picture of him, what was the earlier name of Swamiji before he became the sanyasi etc. were not taken care of. Many questions arises after reading the report. Mr. Mukarji should have varified his profile and enquired all related questions to ascertain an inquiry.
In any court case if the accused introduces him by another name and hide his real identity, it becomes the duty of the investigating officer to put the facts before the court and reveal the truth by his investigations and prove his real identity. In lack of authenticated evidence, the alleged accused can not be accquited from charges. The identity has to be proved.
Here in the case of Swami Shardanand's inquiry, Justice Mukarjee has made the comment by closing the case that,'When the real identity of a person is the issue his evidence is undoubtedly of great importance unless of course, it is proved that he was suppressing his identity with an oblique motive or purpose. As in the instant case there is no reliable evidence to prove that the sadhu was Netaji, the question of his (Netaji's) death in Dehra Dun in 1977 does not arise.
There are totally three inquiry commissions are set to find the facts about disappearance of Subhash Bose on 18 Aug.1945. The conclusions of these three commissions are as follws:--First commission headed by Shahnawaj Khan:- He was a close associate of Subhash bose and a party in his disapperance with Japan. Verdict--- As Subhash wished. Second commission headed by G.D.Khosla (A crupt Judge), Verdict:-- As per the Government wished. Third commission headed by Justice Mukarji. Verdict 50-50, Half truth, half lie. He certainly did justice in his observations that Subhash did not die in air--crash but he suppressed his further enquiry in pressure and non availability of diffrent important files and other documents/proves etc. required by him from Govt. Moreover he did not try to inquire certain facts from Dehra Dun about the role played by Govt, itself at the cremation of Swami Shardanand ji alias S.C. Bose in 1977, the Govt. unofficially declared and accepted him as Netaji by giving him a FULL STATE MILITARY HONOR.
In the inquiry report of earlier commission, the opinion of disciples was found divided whether Swami ji was Netaji or not. But Mr. G. D. Khosla was not a man of good repute even than he was choosan to solve this sensitive case with which the sentiments of every Indian were attached. Mr. Khosla did not give a fair verdict. His verdict had to be as per the govt. desired, and already expected, thus a fresh inquiry commission was set up headed by Justice Mukarji in August 1999. The commission was set up to make an inquiry for the purpose of an in-depth inquiry into a deffinite matter of public importance, namely, the disappearance of Netaji in 1945. Expectations from commission.The commission was supposed to inquire into all the facts and circumstances related to the disappearance of Netaji in 1945 and subsiquent developments connected therewith including:-- Whether the Netaji is dead or aliveI; If he is dead, whether he died in the plane crash, as alleged; Whether the ashes in the japanise temple are ashes of Netaji; Whether he has died in any other manner at any other place and, if so, when and how; If he is alive, in respect of his whereabouts, Justice Mukarji 's commission was to find out the answers of these questions. Let us observe whether he did justice with the given task or not.
Whether the Netaji is dead or alive:--It was already known to Govt. that Netaji was no more in 1999. GOI had already given the State Military Honor (unofficially) to Netaji at his cremation at Dehra Dun in 1977. So there was no harm to eye-wash the public by establishing a fresh inquiry as nothing was supposed to come out of it. See full report;
The fact is Mr. Khosla did try to probe about Swamiji/Netaji but he was not given true identities and not provided full information as all the disciples were from INA and abided by Oath of Secrecy. Dutt and Majumdar hid the identity. Mr. Mukharji probed half heartedly and that is also under suppression. (None of them called Padhye to witness his claim).
If he is dead , whether he died in plane crash, as alleged. Here Justice Mukarji has justified with his task. His enquiry in depth have certainly proved that Netaji did not die in plane crash as alleged. His findings are true beyond any doubt. Here he might have ascertained if the truth comes out of this projected plane crash, at least people of India could satisfy with the given report or may be his inner voice compelled him to make the assertions truthfully. This way two birds were killed with one arrow, --Satisfaction of Indian public and ----No harm to GOI by this assertion.
Whether the ashes in the Japanese temple are the ashes of Netaji; Only DNA test on some bones could confirm otherwise it was not possible to collect the sample of DNA from the burnt ashes on high degree temparature, it was not possible though he did try to hire the services of the best experts of world. All denied. Mr. Mukarji, has confirmed by his inquiry in Taihoku(Taiwan) that these ashes of another soldier ICHIRI OCHIRO, who died of heart failure on 19 aug. 1945 at army hospital at Taihoku. Whether he died in any other manner at any other place and, if so, when and how; To answer this question Justice Mukarji did not show any justice. I think, he was under pressure to suppress his observations. He went to Dehra Dun to inquire the death of Swami Shardanand but he did not inquire whole heartedly. He did not visit to the ashram at 194, Rajpur Road Dehra Dun. He just went to see an ex-col. S.Pritam Singh of INA who suppressed the real identity of Swamiji as he was abided by the oath of secrecy, taken before his supreme commandor Subhash Chandra Bose. See:-- for evidences and observations. In this instant case, Justice Mukarji closed the inquiry in lack of any reliable evidence at Dehra Dun.
Only one person was contacted and prompt verdict was given that Swamiji was not Netaji. It was just an assumption, assumed only on statement of Col. Pritam Singh of INA. What about Major Satya Gupta, who declared in press conferance at Calcutta that Swamiji is Netaji. Who is the lier? Col. Pritam Singh or Maj. Satya Gupta? Mr. S S Padhye has also confirmed the assertions of Maj. Satya Gupta. By going through the evidences and circumstances, the observations clearly indicates Col. Pritam Singh did hide the identity and lied to the nation.

Before this Sh. Uttam Chand Malhotra had also disclosed , when he visited Shaulmari in July 1962, after he read the news of Netaji in Veer-Arjun. When Justice Mukarji went to Shaulmari Ashram at Falakata(cooch Bihar), He examined eleven witnesses on this score, eight have put forward the story that the sadhu was none other than Netaji.

I can't immagine what would have been the situation of Govt., of India, if the findings or verdict had come in confirming, Swami Shardanand ji as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. Was the inquiry at Dehra Dun not made on this pretext ? Govt. was already aware of him thus there was no need to inquire about him. May be so. By sending a telegramme to the President , Prime Minister and Home Minister of India, Col. Pritam Singh wrote that the Ashram is related with Pride of Nation. IS ASHRAM SE BHARAT KE GAURAV KE PRASHTH JUDE HAIN What did he mean with BHARAT KE GAURAV? When i asked him he did not answer. Any person can understand where does these words indicate when Swamiji had already been declared as Subhash Bose in 1962 by his close associates. Copy of this telegramme can be viewed in another blog;

Anita Bose too considered and counted 30 years after independence of India in an interview (1947 to 1977, a peroid of 30 years), See.....
In an exclusive interview, first published in India Abroad, the newspaper owned by, last year, Anita Bose Pfaff, Netaji's only child, spoke to Shyam Bhatia about her father's legacy.
Anita bose d/o Subhash bose
At the very least with Netaji alive, India's experience of multi-party politics, in which the Congress party was the only dominant political force for the first 30 years after Independence, would have started much earlier.
Though she spoke only last year but remarked period was up to 1977 only, why? What does it indicate indirectly? You can easily understand what i mean to say. Netaji was directly or indirectly not involved in politics though he was alive and died at Dehra Dun in 1977.
I don’t know why the people of Dehra Dun did not come forward to disclose of on-goings after the death of Swamiji in 1977. Either the visit of Mukarji commission was not disclosed in general public or any announcement not made, just to eye-wash a drama of inquiry, written and played.
How many proves are required to formal announcement by Govt. that Swamiji was Netaji Subhash Bose?
  • What was the identity of the person died at 194 Rajpur Road Dehra Dun, for whom the wireless message was sent by the than UP Governor intimating that a VIP is passed at that place and police arrangements for escort be made.
  • What was the status of that VIP or what category of VIP was granted to him ?
  • Why the administration issued the orders for the body of Swamiji to be kept to pay last tributes by general public (from all around the world) for 10 days ? whereas Swamiji was not known to the general public of Dehra Dun. It was the secret when disclosed, that Swamiji was Netaji, Public arrived there and paid tribute in queues for 10 days continuously.
  • Who were the main visitors of high repute visited the place during these 10 days? Any record ?
  • Why the dead body of Swamiji was draped in Tri-color, to mark as a respect to the head of the nation? (Netaji was head of free India, recognized by nine countries), or to mark as a respect to a soldier (Supreme commander of INA).
  • Why a Full State Military Honor was given to Swamiji by guard of honor and 21 gun salutes to the deceased, to a Sanyasi if his past was not related to defence services ?
  • Why full control of funeral was taken under control by the administration instead of the disciples of Swamiji ?
  • Why the body draped in tri-color, and taken to Rishikesh in a procession under escort of three trucks of armed personals of PAC,(UP)
  • Mr. Sen Gupta, secretary to Mr. Mukarjee, stayed three days at Amravati to check the veracity of his claims. Though the commission promised him to look into the matter and to comment after sometime but unfortunately that time has never come. Mr. Padhye was having hand written letters and some photographs which could prove his claim. Why he was not witnessed by Mr. Mukarji?
  • Before this, Mr. Padhye also approached Mr. Khosla to witness before the commission but in-camera only and that is at Amravati as he was unable to go to Calcutta. Mr. Khosla turned down his request and the matter remained unsolved.
Both the commission were aware of the truth but under pressure of GOI, they completely ignored on some pretext.It was known to them that Swami Shardanand ji was indeed Subhash Chandra Bose. Now after 64 years of the said mishap at Taiwan only the hypothesis are there. A very few people are there who can provide any prove to their claim but in case we should not forget the role of GOI itself by unofficially accepting and declaring this truth.
To reach any assertion or result to conclude, one has to find the answers of these primary questions which were not taken in consideration by Justice Mukarji. People of India should always keep in mind that there may be many claimenants of declaring them of being Netaji, but the State Military Honor is given only to Swami Shardanand ji at Dehra Dun. This is the clear unofficial declaration of his being Netaji in his new avtar of Swami Shardanand.With this, I appeal to the chief minister of Uttrakhand , Sh. Maj. Gen. B. C. Khanduri, that presently he is ruling on behalf of BJP in state and he is an ex-soldier also. He should initiate an inquiry to untwist the folds of mystery on death of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose in isolation at Dehra Dun in 1977, where he was residing at 194, Rajpur Road and known as Swami Shardanand ji. By unraveling the truth, Uttrakhand will be adorned with one more jewel in its crown and people from all around the world will visit to pay their tribute to the great freedom fighter of India.
Dehra Dun will be given a place on the map of tourism with special status of fame. The journey of the great son of India which begined from Cuttack on 1897, ended at Dehra Dun in 1977.
Only a formal declaration is required to be made by the Government of India. There will be no harm even to congress as all leaders of his time are no more so the true respect at least be given now.
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